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The aim of this exhibition is not only to shed light on the burlesque Industry but eveal the artists who actively contribute to the vaudeville scene in AustraliaI would sincerely like to thank the women that helped me put this series together.



Dolores Daiquiri is the director and co-founder of the world’s largest touring Burlesque Festival: The Australian Burlesque Festival.  Considered a pioneer of the revival of burlesque in Australia, Dolores has produced a vast number of successful events, is a burlesque mentor, and a well-established and respected burlesque artist who has been performing in Australia and internationally since the early 2000’s. For this exhibition at the Jackman Gallery; Dolores will be performing her favourite pieces on opening night.


Sina King

Sina King is a key influence in the Australian burlesque scene. With her swag of accolades from accomplishments in Miss Burlesque Australia™ and the Las Vegas held Burlesque Hall of Fame™, Sina is internationally representing the Southern Hemisphere with grace and glory. Driven by the desire to inspire women around the world to embrace their femininity with flair. Sina has recently released her own line of clothing called 



Poppy Cherry is a professional burlesque performer, MC and a producer, specialising in a unique blend of dance, theatre, cabaret, comedy and burlesque. A well-established darling of the Melbourne burlesque scene, she has been performing burlesque since 2009. Poppy has also produced many successful Burlesque events, including as the Stage Manager for the Australian Burlesque Festival National Tour and she is a founding member of Maison Burlesque.



In 2014, Zelia Rose won the title of Miss Burlesque Victoria, and then the coveted title of Miss Burlesque Australia. She was named one of Australia's Top 10 Burlesque Artists in 21st Century Magazine in the same year. In 2015 Zelia competed in Las Vegas for the world renowned Burlesque Hall of Fame, and exploded into the international burlesque scene by winning the Best Debut.  Zelia is currently touring with Deta Von Teese in the US.



A leading actress and a mistress of ceremonies on the Australian Burlesque scene. With a career in the performing arts spanning over two decades, the critically acclaimed singer, actor, comedienne and Mistress of Ceremonies has captivated audiences worldwide. A highly sought after entertainer, renowned for her sublime vocals, cheeky comedy and sharp wit, Aurora brings her inimitable style and verve to every event.