About our team..

Working as a team, where Art meets performance, to bring together a combination of skills and experience between Daniel Kneebone, Marie Delon, Kimberly Francis, Aurora Kurth, Simone Lukic, Rachel Belle and Irena.



One of Australia’s leading figure skaters. Rachel skill and performance on ice has translated to visual art in the most surprising way. Rachel used her Disney on Ice experience to become Alice in the fantasy world of Alice-ism. Her special brand of theatrics made her role of Alice unique and special in this series.

Very grateful to work with Rachel on this project her unique style helped made Alice-ism what it is.


KIMBERLY FRANCIS - The queen of hearts

A graduate of the Royal Ballet School (London) and former professional dancer with the Royal and Birmingham Royal Ballet Companies, Kimberly has a vast amount of professional performing experience both locally and internationally. An experienced choreographer of both neo-classical and contemporary works for the Melbourne Ballet Company as well as for several independent local and international dance companies, she now focuses her attention to providing performance coaching for elite dancers and figure skaters. 

Very grateful to work with Kimberly on this project her creative thoughts and ideas have kept my imagination fired.


AURORA KuRTH - the mad hatter

A leading actress and a mistress of ceremonies on the Australian Burlesque scene. With a career in the performing arts spanning over two decades, the critically acclaimed singer, actor, comedienne and Mistress of Ceremonies has captivated audiences worldwide. A highly sought after entertainer, renowned for her sublime vocals, cheeky comedy and sharp wit, Aurora brings her inimitable style and verve to every event.
Very grateful to have the opportunity to work with Aurora on this second series of works, a master story teller, her experience and input on our shoot day was the ingratiate to this project in making something more than what it would have been.


SIMONE LUKIC - white queen

A classically trained pianist, Simone Lukic previously a burlesque performer, has branched out into her own form of art - collage. Simone initially turned to collage as a refuge from the digital world. She has used collage as a form of escapism, becoming enamoured with the deliberate practice of creating by hand with the absence of digital aid. Through this she has created a body of work that pays homage to Kodachrome soaked images of the Twentieth Century.

Simone is a co-founder of the Melbourne Collage Assembly.

Very grateful that Simone still likes to work with me on what is our second series together.

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Marie delon - Costume design

For more than two decades Marie Delon, Australia’s First and foremost fetish wear designer and corsetiere has hand made steel boned corsets, leather ladieswear, leather menswear, fantasy costumes, corseted dresses and accessories in her salon in Ormond Victoria, Australia. Marquis De Sade is known worldwide for leading edge design and the very best custom fit. Every Marquis de Sade creation is not only visually stunning but hand made with care in Australia from the finest materials- and a good measure of sinful passion. Acquiring a Marquis De Sade corset is like acquiring a little piece of art.

Very grateful to have met this inspirational lady and to have her support and guidance to bring this project to become a reality.