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the dancer and the wolf

A metaphoric representation of the journey of life’s inner struggles, the ‘Dancer & The Wolf ‘ depicts a former Queen’s Ballet  Dancer fighting against the inevitable essence of the passage of time, and the ways in which time is a vessel through which we all must travel.

The statue on the left of the dancer represents the time-honoured institution of professional ballet, yet whilst these traditions are also unforgiving and must be preserved in decent honour, where only the best and fittest survive.

The cracks and the aging of the traditional statue represent the passing of time, while on the right of the Dancer, the dark and unforgiving forest looms, as her unknown future awaits, possibly within the jaws of a rather hungry wolf, who sees her only as a means to survive.

Our wolf represents the vulnerability of the Dancer, as well as the way in which she may be preyed upon- despite her vulnerable state. Be the Wolf a male, female, stronger, mightier, lesser, more powerful person- the Dancer ignores them all. She dances. For that is all she knows.

The Dancer has dedicated most of her life to dance and in her heart she will dance until she dies. This is represented by her dancing under the moon, with the Wolf not as her fearsome predator, but as her ally - her friend and only ally -  in the dead of the night , and in the bitter cold.

about our dancer

The performer in this work is Kimberly Francis, this work is dedicated to a special artist and performer, this is Kimberly's story.

A graduate of the Royal Ballet School (London) and former professional dancer with the Royal and Birmingham Royal Ballet Companies, Kimberly has a vast amount of professional performing experience both locally and internationally. An experienced choreographer of both neo-classical and contemporary works for the Melbourne Ballet Company as well as for several independent local and international dance companies, she now focuses her attention to providing performance coaching for elite dancers and figure skaters.  

Kimberly is an award-winning Grade 8 AMEB classical flautist, drummer, composer, lyricist and lighting technician for both music and dance events.

An artists as well as a performer Kimberly is currently working on a short dance film in support of cancer research, she is part of a worldwide collective of dancers affected by cancer. 

Kimberly's outfit is by Marie from Marquisde Sade. Marie introduced me to Kimberly. Thank you Marie.

This work has received a Silver Distinction in AIPP National Awards 2018. Merit Award at the Sydney International Exhibition of Photography 2018 and a Highly Commended at the UK, The Society of Photographers 2018.